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(defun my/read-list (&optional f stop-pred)
"Return a list by repeatedly requesting input using function F.
By default, F is `read-string', and should be a function that
takes a prompt as its first argument. The collection of input
continues until STOP-PRED returns t on the last input value, by
default the empty string."
(named-let read-element ((result nil)
(counter 1)
(f (or f #'read-string))
(stop-pred (or stop-pred #'string-empty-p)))
(let ((e nil))
(setq e (funcall f (format "Read element %d: " counter)))
(if (funcall stop-pred e)
(read-element (append result (list e)) (1+ counter) f stop-pred)))))
(defun my/execute-command-repeat (command &rest arguments)
"Execute COMMAND repeatedly on all the given ARGUMENTS.
COMMAND is an interactive function that takes a single argument.
Arguments are collected one by one with my/read-list and then
COMMAND is executed (length arguments) times, once for each
(interactive (append (list (read-command "Command: "))
(mapc (lambda (arg)
(with-demoted-errors "Error: %S"
(funcall command arg)))